The work which I create is primarily focused around domestic space, and how these spaces relate to our identity and belonging. My work questions this sense of belonging and the fragile relationship between ourselves and the space that surrounds us. I have explored the idea of memories that we attach to certain places and spaces, and how they can strongly impact our experiences. Allowing the viewer to question their own understanding of representation and identity. I find myself constantly questioning what our space and surroundings mean to us. Creating images that relate to how we interact with the environment, and how different spaces shape and affect our identity. While always thinking about our own reflections and representations, I have examined how a place can change depending on who is occupying the space. 


OPUS / Bargehouse, OXO Tower, London - 2016

OPUS / Bower Ashton, Bristol - 2016

MIND / Centrespace, Bristol - 2015

NEO PORTRAITURE / The Island, Bristol - 2015

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